May 29, 2013

Bitter blog engine

Japanese version(日本語の説明はこちら)

Minimal blog engine for Git and Markdown enthusiasts

I made a new blog engine "Bitter". The main features are:

Source code

The repository is on GitHub.


On the server side, do as follows. Please replace "blogdir" with your desired directory.

$ npm install -g bitter
$ mkdir blogdir
$ cd blogdir
$ bitter setup

After setup completed, run the server. Specify listen port with environment variable PORT.

$ PORT=1341 bitter server

If you're going to use with nginx or Apache, configure them to use reverse proxy.

On the local machine, clone blogdir/notes.git.

$ git clone user@host:blogdir/notes.git

To post an entry

In the cloned repository on the local machine, write an article in Markdown, then save it as year/month/ Do git push to publish it.

$ mkdir -p 2013/05
$ echo "# Test\n\nHello World" > 2013/05/
$ git add .
$ git commit -m "add test entry"
$ git push origin master

Commit message has no effect on Bitter.

To edit an existing entry

$ vim 2013/05/
$ git add -u
$ git commit -m update
$ git push origin master

To delete an entry

$ git rm 2013/05/
$ git commit -m delete
$ git push origin master

To embed static files

Put your static files under the directory that article resides. Those files can be referred to by relative path. For example, to embed 2013/05/images/winter.jpg, write following code in 2013/05/

![Winter photo](images/winter.jpg)

If you put static files under "public" directory, those files can be referred to by absolute path. For example, to embed public/images/spring.jpg:

![Spring photo](/images/spring.jpg)
Posted by Nao Iizuka <>
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